Inbal Lori is coming to Cologne and she brings two of her favourite workshops. Don´t miss this opportunity to work with one of the best improvisers in the world.
​On saturday Inbal will teach „Acting for improvisers“
This workshop will introduce you to some powerful, effective tools from different acting techniques which will boost your improvisation. With those tools you could create wonderful, dramatic, funny, honest moments on stage and learn how to “cash” them by playing them to the full, in a believable, honest and committed way.
If you have been doing improvisation long enough and feel that now it is time to sharpen your performance and acting skills – this workshop is for you, so you could bring to the stage powerfully played improvised moments.
On sunday Inball will teach: „We are the content“
If no one is writing our lines of text, if nobody directs us or chooses the interpretation for how we do what we do, it basically means one thing – we are the content of everything we improvise. Everything we are, everything we know, love, hate, think, heard of or experienced ourselves, could and should be legitimate material for our improvisation. Improvising does not mean being anything different than yourself. It means being yourself in different ways. It means taking the experience of being a human being in this complex, wonderful world and pouring it into the scenes/story/character we play.
IMPORTANT: Both workshops can be booked individually – they are NOT connected.
Price: 95 Euro each workshop / 185 Euro both together
The workshops will be held under all corona regulations. We just don’t know, how they will be. Probably 2G+.
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On saturday evening (8pm), Inbal will play a show with the Impro Köln Ensemble.