19. März, 11 – 18 Uhr „The secret clown“
20. März 11 – 18 Uhr „It´s all about you“

Charlotte de Metsenaere is coming to Cologne and she brings two of her favourite workshops. Don´t miss this opportunity to work with the fabulous Charlotte!

On saturday Charlotte will teach „The secret clown“

Always wondered how clowning techniques can influence you as an improviser, without entering the stage as a clown? Rather than becoming a clown, this workshop is about what
can clowning do to enhance your skills in expression, physical movement, working together non-verbally, and also being vulnerable, accepting the here and now and reconnecting with your scene partners to support them fully.

On sunday Charlotte will teach: „It´s all about you“

How to support and surprise our partners, take two. In this workshop we explore new ways of how to take care of your partner, but also push him off the cliff. Providing different points of view, this workshop looks at how thinking ahead in your partners head takes the tension away from being in yours. This workshop includes topics as energy, ego, storytelling, scenography and the power of our imagination.
“It’s not what you want to do, it’s what your partner is making you do.”

IMPORTANT: Both workshops can be booked individually – they are NOT connected.

Price: 95 Euro each workshop / 185 Euro both together

The workshops will be held under all corona regulations. We just don´t know, how they will be. Probably 2G+.

Secure your spot via hallo@improkoeln.de